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5 tips for new inspiration

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You know this one. You lack inspiration to continue your task. You miss a certain feeling in what you do. It doesn't work for a while or takes a lot of energy. Maybe you're writing an article and just don't see it anymore. Or are you working on your house and are you unsure about the end result?

It is then useful to zoom out and disconnect. So that you do not lose yourself in the task that you are trying to complete. You reconnect with the source for a moment. You empty yourself so that your head opens again so fresh & fantastic ideas can come in.

What can you do for this?


Put the work down for a moment. Have you taken good care of yourself lately? Have you taken enough rest? Perhaps your system is overloaded and it is in need of dolce far niente, or the noble art of doing nothing.


Put on some music. And go sing along. I love to put on folk music and go crazy. It breaks the flow of thoughts and tension. You then have sharpness again to look at your task differently.


Find friends or hang out with them on the phone. Prefers to talk about sweets and calves. Not about your lack of inspiration. It is a relieve. It puts everything back into perspective.

Motivational video

Find a video on youtube that motivates you. Sometimes we don't really know what we're doing anymore. Then it helps to be spoken to in a clear tone and to remember that it takes time to achieve beautiful things. Life is not always easy. But if you persevere, you can achieve something that you did not think before.

To move

This is one that I really like myself. When I can't get out for a while, I grab the car and go for a drive. My focus shifts to driving and changing landscapes. In between, fresh thoughts arise to look at the 'problem' from a different perspective.

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