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Breakthrough 'come close'

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I am always very wary when meeting people. I soon feel if someone is authentic or if there is another intention present. This has to do with my past. About the difference I experienced as a child between my inner world and the outer expectations. Growing up, I wanted to protect my own ideas. I didn't connect emotionally if I didn't feel it with someone. Mainly to protect myself and my own energy. However, it is something that often put me at a distance from other people. It stood between me and the other person.

Yesterday, at a party, something extraordinary happened. Instead of emotionally shielding myself, I could remain open. With attention and compassion I could continue to listen to someone else's story. Several times. It will undoubtedly have to do with the way I've been grounded in recent years. Both in myself and the renewed connection with nature. I carry out what I want to bring and live more and more from my own energy frequency.

My emotional world is very similar to my outer environment. I no longer need to protect my insides as such. So I no longer have to keep anyone at a distance. People can come close again. I can receive them again in an open space without being wary. Not only do I 'know' it, I also 'feel' it again that we are all equal. No one walks around with dubious intentions. It's just our past growing pains. They prevent us from being completely free in the here and now. To establish a heart connection with each other. And to see each other completely for who we are.

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