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Choosing for yourself

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Choosing for yourself is a powerful way to fully engage in your healing process. You accept who you are. You synchronise with your deepest self.

We get distracted far too often, we subconsciously agree to clichés or make compromises with others that don't help us. Compromises seem to take us one step forward, but secretly we take two steps back. For we have partly what we wanted, but without the satisfaction we longed for.

When you choose for yourself, you choose your own energy. Which gives you freedom. Which reflects your essence and nourishes you within. This can be about the way of living, working or relationships with others. But it can also be about something as simple as choosing a car, a front door or shoes.

I've been driving my Renault 4 for almost three years and every time I see my car I get a big smile on my face. I like to drive it and take people with me. The car has the same frequency as me. Or the front door of my new house. Every time I come home I see this magical gate and I am grateful to be home.

Choosing for yourself is choosing your own path. Choose the way of life that resonates with you. Your stuff is your frequency holder. Be creative and make sure you can convert compromises into win-win situations for each other so that you are both fed with life energy.

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