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Health 2.0

Your health is a reflection of how you live. Everything you say, think and do affects you.

We often think that health is good for us, but we don't really feel it. Eating organic and following a diet. Moving and exercising. Being outside and relaxing. They are all physical manifestations of health. We know it could help us and yet it's hard to keep it up.

Health goes much further and deeper than we often realize. It's not just about our body. It's also about our mind. And that is often the first step towards real change. Because why would you want to have a healthy body if you're not feeling well in your body?

You want to be healthy if you feel good about yourself! One step that we often overlook is the mind. Our upstairs room. We're not looking into it. Sometimes because of a taboo, because of the density or sometimes because we 'think' that its normal and that everyone suffers from it. Our mind needs nourishment and attention even more than our body.

Mind over matter. In other words, with your head you can bring about physical changes. Maybe you know that from 'the law of attraction' that assumes that you can bring everything to you if you believe in it enough. And we also know it from the placebo effect, where you recover from a 'fake drug', because you believe it heals you.

When we exercise, without paying attention to our inner belief that we are too fat, exercise becomes an excuse. Or maybe we lacked attention as a child and having a sporty body becomes a forced goal to get compliments from others. Physical health is only sustainable if you have developed your mind.

So first make sure you get into a good state of mind. Then the rest will come naturally.

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