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Holistic health as a painting

Holistic health is closely related to self-development. It gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects involved in developing your consciousness. A natural process to achieve a life in connection. To fulfill your soul mission and be truly free.

Imagine an easel with a blank canvas on it. You get a palette of colors and paint your self-image that consists of colors and shapes. Identify yourself with that image. Believe that you are that composition. These lines and smudges are part of you. You can always add more colors and shapes. The image becomes thicker, more complex and fuller.

In holistic health we become aware that we are not the colors and shapes but the blank canvas beneath the painted. In addition, we come to understand that every color, line and shape represents a moment in our lives. Perhaps orange represents the belief that you are not good enough. That black mark for the emotional absence of your father in your life. We recognize more and more. And at some point we start to make the connections. We see how it all fits together. How the individual parts of the composition influence each other.

Thanks to the new insights, we are more light-hearted with the drawing. We can remove dark colors and add light colors. It becomes more of a game. The canvas becomes more and more a lively whole that changes continuously. It's coming alive more and more. We notice that boundaries are fading. The canvas becomes three-dimensional. We feel free and with the greatest of ease we become more and more creative. The painting becomes a reflection of who we really are. We feel free and connected to a higher power. Painting comes naturally. And we are amazed every moment when we take the time to have a look at it.

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