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How to heal yourself?

Step 1. Raise awareness

You are no longer who you thought you were. You no longer define yourself by certain personality traits or character. No longer with what you have or with what you do. With experiences or situations that have happened to you. Among all those outer things you are an organism that lives in deep connection with nature.

Step 2. Self-love

You know life is very simple. The universe supports you in manifesting every thought you have in your life. The thoughts you feed come true. You only want the best for yourself. You want a loving life in connection with the outer environment.

Step 3. Mindfulness

You begin to notice that certain illnesses come back repeatedly in your life. Or maybe it is certain emotions that arise or choice patterns that you (subconsciously) make again and again. It seems to happen to you while they are not serving you. You become aware of the repetitions in your daily life.

Step 4. Find the root

You can make connections between your illnesses, emotions, patterns and/or routines with your past. You understand that your body is trying to tell you which unresolved issues require your attention. Every illness, emotion, pattern or routine has a root in the past. A specific event or set of events where it originated, of which you are still experiencing the physical effect.

Step 5. Bringing in Consciousness

You can heal yourself when you bring your renewed consciousness into the root moment. The moment back in time when you made the choice that led to the illness, emotions or patterns you have today. You understand that at the time it was a choice based on the consciousness you had then. Now you can relive the moment and choose to make a different choice. You forgive bystanders. They have only acted from their consciousness. You make a new choice back in that moment based on love. Who liberates you in this moment from the past.

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