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I am not vegetarian

A while back, I walked into the supermarket with a friend and we stood in front of the refrigerator section. We wanted to buy yogurt. She opted for the yoghurt with recycled packaging for environmental reasons. I chose the organic yogurt for health reasons. Everyone chooses based on his or her own beliefs.

Making a fixed choice based on a certain ideology is often oppressive. It is your mind trying to hold on to something. It has become part of your identity.

Vegetarian food, for example, is not necessarily better for the environment than if you do eat meat. For example, vegetables may have been heavily sprayed or cultivated intensively, causing a piece of land (on the other side of the world) to degrade. While a local piece of meat can be biologically-dynamically grown with love and can enrich a piece of land.

Holistic living is living from the natural rhythm. It is not about choices we make based on certain beliefs. Because we can't see the whole picture. We have no idea what the sum of a 'healthy ecosystem' or 'our own health' is.

Doing good or contributing to the whole starts with daring to look within. To the intention behind our actions. With which consciousness do we choose something? Is this choice really better for my health or the environment or is there another reason that plays a role? Because with every choice we make, big and small, we can decrease or increase the collective consciousness in the world.

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