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Law of resonance

You go on vacation and end up in a true paradise. You are on an idyllic beach and you stay in an ecolodge between the palm trees. All day long you can eat unlimited fresh food, take dives in the ocean and sit back.

You win the New Year's Eve jackpot. 30 million will be transferred into your account. From one moment to the next you are wealthy. You are financially independent. No more worries about money. You can do anything you've dreamed of.

You participate in a guided Ayahuasca ceremony. You feel safe and drink the tea. You are transported away and taken to a part of the past. Something that lies on your heart of which you now see the other side. In addition, it takes your soul on a journey and shows you what you came for into this world.

The above examples are all short glimpses of another reality. You touch it. And you feel it is real. After all, it happens, you are in another dimension at that moment.

Yet after our holiday we step back into our everyday life as if nothing has changed. Many lottery winners lose their capital within a few years. And the wisdom of plant medicines also quickly fades into the background.

Your outer environment is a reflection of your inner environment. You cannot separate them. They are closely linked. Everything we attract is attuned to our inner state. It resonates to our own energy frequency.

To stay into a different outer environment, we have to go within. We have to free ourselves. What ideas and beliefs hold us back? Which piece of the past is still in the way? What are the blockages that keep us from growth and evolution?

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