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Pat on the head

The basis of how a person can adapt to new circumstances is largely determined in his or her childhood. In the first seven years of a human life, our brain works like a sponge. We perceive the environment. And then we will copy, adopt and internalise. The environment in which we grow up becomes our mental starting point.

We can break free from our beliefs, emotions and habits that we have inherited from our parents or educators. We often think they belong to us. That they are part of our personality or our character. But nothing is less true. They are outdated programs that have crept in. We didn't pay any more attention to it. And because we have always thought, reacted and acted in this way, it has become our truth.

Suppose you are going to write down what your parents' beliefs were when you were a child. In terms of money, health, your appearance and your creativity. You will find that how you feel about these themes is closely related to how your parents thought (and perhaps still think) about them. It is a simple example to realize that these programs are not part of you as a person. It's not yours. You grew up in a certain environment and instinctively you did what all children naturally do: they adapt to the behavior of their parents in exchange for a pat on the head.

What beliefs would you like to change for a healthier and happier life?

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