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School of Life

Life takes you where you need to be. That's what I believe in. You do not need papers or diplomas be able to express your passion. It's already inside you. It cannot be caught. You're going to look for it in corners that others haven't looked yet. You are going to deviate from the beaten path. Out of childish curiosity, enthusiasm and pure joy. It does you good to be busy with what gives you energy. Which you feel is going to flow.

I completed the education in building engineering, especially for my parents at the time. Because I wanted to travel, see the world. The diploma showed me that the conventional construction world was not for me. A few years later I rolled into ecological construction out of childish curiosity. With straw bales and loam. Building a house in a few weeks with young and old people. I have helped on several projects in Australia, France, Spain and the Netherlands. I learned about light and space, building biology and the love for the material. But above all about the building process. Building a house together strengthens the team spirit of a family or community and teaches you to ground yourself in yourself and the place you are in.

Youth care came my way in Portugal. I have no papers, but I have seen a bit of the world. I can relate to the boys and girls who run away from home or who operate in the survival setting. With a strong motivation to help them, I knocked on the door of the organisation. I got a chance and it clicked right away. It was like I've been doing it for years. And in the meantime I learned from my more experienced colleagues. The youngsters were happy. I built a vegetable garden with them, taught a boy with Asthma the Wim Hof ​​technique and talk to them about life. I believe that they benefit from new insights, different perspectives and above all creativity.

The holistic nutrition coach training also came my way and from the first day it felt like a warm bath. The medical world opened up to me. And again I threw myself completely into it, without losing my own view of the world. It was overwhelming at times. So many new technical terms and syndromes. But at the same time I know that you don't have to know everything, it's more important that you see the connections. And that you know how and where you can obtain certain knowledge. During my coaching process, I often get back how simply I can explain things using examples or metaphors. It is often my own experiences that I pass on to help someone further.

You cannot become everything, you can only be what you are. Training is no guarantee. Often they keep you away from your creativity. Because you have a piece of paper, you often unconsciously think too hard. And you start to believe that you are already that engineer, youth worker or doctor. That you don't have to give yourself 100 percent every day. Practicing a job has to do with your heart. That you are excited every day and open to express it in the best possible way. With full dedication.

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