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The effect of music on you

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Thoughts affect us. It works through the law of attraction and according to the principle of 'as inner, so outer'. In other words, when we have predominantly positive thoughts, we also attract more positivity into our lives. Our environment is often a reflection of our inner world of thoughts.

Besides thoughts, however, words are important to be aware of. Just like thoughts, you can influence your environment with words. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment in which he concluded that language influenced the formation of the structure of ice crystals. Positive mantras produced the most beautiful crystals when formed.

Language is therefore important in our daily life. The words we use ourselves. How we talk to ourselves. But also how we talk to others. This is all energy. And when you are positive about yourself, you empower yourself. Then you can become the most beautiful version of yourself.

Words that influence us are not limited to the words we think or pronounce ourselves. The people around us also play a role in this. Friends and family we surround ourselves with, for example, but also the music we listen to. The music contains lyrics that influence us. They can empower us or they can confuse us because the lyrics are at odds with our beliefs or us as a person.

In the summer we often go to festivals and concerts and we listen to the radio. Sometimes something gnaws when we listen to a certain song. And maybe that has to do with language. With the verbal energy that doesn't match your energy.

Have you ever listened to music like this?

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