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The most beautiful trees

Last winter we did a new planting of 230 native trees and shrubs on the land. As the summer season progresses I see some grow big and strong while others drop out. They dry up and die. This while they are treated equally and receive water every few days. Some of them are even connected to the drip line. How can this difference arise?

There is no certainty in nature. You can increase your chances from the outside by imitating the conditions in which the organism thrives. But you still don't know the outcome. That's because there are many more factors involved than what you can see with the naked eye. How's the structure of the ground? Does it have a rich soil life? Is the plant well rooted? How was the plant grown? Does the plant suffer from diseases? How much sun does the plant need? It is a holistic whole. In nature you only see the most beautiful and largest trees where all this is in conjunction.

In our society we often underestimate the inner aspect. The extent to which a person struggles with himself. The extent to which someone is surprised from time to time by his or her past. Or the degree to which someone is connected to his or her nature. We do not allow space for these factors and we do not pay attention to them. And that makes it difficult to get into your element. To bring out the potential of energy within you. And become the most beautiful version of yourself.

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