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The root of your dis-ease

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

In holistic health we assume that all ailments and diseases arise for a reason. In order to achieve healing, it is important to look at you as a whole and to get the best possible picture of everything. What factors are currently contributing to the current situation?

We are all familiar with physical ailments. A sprained ankle, headache or perhaps high blood pressure. Holistically, this is related to metaphysical causes, or non-physical causes. These causes are the very root of the problem. For example, self-doubt, not accepting yourself or feeling that you are not good enough. These thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on your physical health. And when you work on this, you will see that ailments go away. The cramps will pull out of your body and you can relax again.

In many cases, therefore, ailments are indicators. They show you where your attention is needed to grow further as a person. When you strengthen the connection with your body, you will understand how it actually talks to you continuously. The essential nature of plants, animals and people is growth and connection. When you are open to this, you will discover that health is a way of your body to become the best version of yourself.

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