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Two spiritual laws of nature

When you surround yourself with nature, you notice that no day is the same. Every moment is different. Sometimes it is color differences due to a different fall of light. A shine through the morning dew that enters the landscape. Or distortions caused by a wind that rages over the land. Change is always present. It's unstoppable.

Something seemingly impossible or far away can turn one hundred and eighty degrees from one moment to the next. Simply because it is subject to change. Nothing in our world is fixed. It's an illusion. Our nature only knows constant change. It's a foothold. A knowledge that everything will never stay the same. When you surrender to this, a deep peace arises that every moment is good as it is.

Moreover, the change has a certain direction. No matter how destructive something seems. There is a hidden message in it. A lesson packed in a black package to reach those who feel it appeals. Spread over time, we can be sure of growth as well as change.

In nature you see the phenomenon of succession. In other words, nature will always continue to turn a bare field into a rich forest. And it's the same with people. Maybe we only need this life or another two hundred or so. Eventually we will change. Eventually we will grow. In the end we will live by the laws of nature.

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