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Hi there,

my name is Gerke

.. and I want to contribute to a meaningful world by living in a holistic way.

Synergy between people,
plants & animals

And my passion is helping people to live a CONSCIOUS LIFE full of connection and purpose.


Life guided me towards eco-building, permaculture and holistic health. In 2020 I moved to Portugal to practice everything I had learned. And today I help people to live in a HOLISTIC WAY to live an INSPIRED LIFE!

As a kid I had a near-death-experience that showed me the ultimate feeling of love and beauty. A strong feeling that has never left me. From that moment I knew that I had to manifest that feeling in my life. 

As a teenager I was interested in people, successful people or people who knew about life. I read biographies and books about personal development. And soon after I started to read about spirituality and self-development. I read 'The Power of Now' of Eckhart Tolle and I was blown away. I discovered that I was not my thoughts and I found a way to stop overthinking. This was the beginning of a lifelong learning and developing of my self.

I followed my intuition and started to study Psychology in 2007, but quit already after half a year. 'Too theoretical and too narrow'. I started to study Building Engineering instead, the idea to create something from nothing inspired me. And afterwards I followed my gutfeeling and contributed in the innovative fields of solar energy, ecological building and permaculture.

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And then I moved to PORTUGAL.

I wanted to bring everything together what I had learned to create a place where people can recharge and get inspired to contribute to live in a different way. To be more connected with ourselves, others and our nature.

After traveling for a small year in Portugal and visiting a lot of projects it was time to start myself. I was in the flow. The first land I visited was immediately the right place for what I had in mind. And I started dreaming and visualising the place.

At the same time I began to work as a social worker in Portugal with teenagers that got stuck in society in Germany and The Netherlands. And my attention was drawn to a holistic health course. It was a new path that life showed me to develop myself. Something that felt right from the start because of all the things that I already had learned during my own journey.

And now, while typing this, I am constructing this dream. I built my own house from local building materials as wood and clay and I planted a food forest with hundreds of fruit trees. People from all wind directions come to help me and give me a hand. And while doing that we share our stories and get to know each other.

The whole idea is to create a hub for people, plants and animals where we can be inspired and feel alive. Teenagers or students that are looking for answers about life, people that got stuck in relationships or experience health challenges and for example elder people who feel disconnected from society.


I believe it's time to come together and that we meet each and everyone at the exact right moment.


Are you ready to visit?

Living the Holistic Way

In 2016 I started my own health journey out of a skin discomfort. I wanted to understand why this specific thing happened to me. I was not satisfied with the answers I received from doctors and therapists and I decided to study health myself.

What I discovered is that our health is very logical and simple. Personally I think we make it often far too complex by not understanding what is health about. 

Our health is a mirror of how we feel and deal with life. Have you ever felt great, that everything was flowing and going automatically? The chances are big that you were not experiencing some huge health concerns at this point.


It's possible that you say that you feel amazing, while your health is in poor condition. This has everything to do with your mind. You are disconnected from your feelings and you don't make contact with your body.

Your health comes from within. Dis-comforts come to you to ask your attention. They are messengers and invite you to make you grow physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. When you ignore this the dis-comfort becomes a dis-ease. It limits you to make you stop for a while and give attention to your self.

I believe that our whole life is about growing. In a natural way. It's not a burden, it's something that goes automatically when we stay open. Like a little baby does when he or she comes to this world full of wonder. 

The best way to grow is a loving environment. We need nutrition that enriches us so we can live our full potential. Nutrition on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that helps us to feel great. 

But why don't we do this? Why are we not giving ourselves the best food possible, positive and happy thoughts and excited and inspiring feelings?

Are you ready for a ride?

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