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Madeira Weekend

Above the clouds

''Let's take a hike above the clouds to see your life from a different perspective.''

Do you want to improve your overall health, do you want to feel inspired again or do you wan to reactivate your dreams?

Subscribe for my FREE TRANING: NEW CYCLES and learn about the 4 steps to break your current cycles to grow and create the life where you feel the most healthy and inspired version of yourself. So you can contribute to the world you want to see around you. 

Be open to the new and experience in 4 lessons how you can play with your desires and invite them in your life.

A life full of inner smiles.


What are you gonna experience?


O How dis-eases can be a guide;

O How dis-eases can show you where your attention is needed to heal yourself;

O A better understanding what is the root of your dis-eases;

O What you need to do to be able to heal yourself;

O How your childhood and specific situations in your life have an enormous impact on you;

O How your believes are the foundation of your health;

O Practical tools and examples to show you how you can heal your life.

O And much more..

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands?​

  • Do you have a dis-ease for a long time that doesn't go away or comes back when you think it is gone forever?

  • Are you done to only treat your symptoms and want to see the bigger picture?

  • Do you feel that you are stuck in cycles of dis-eases, patterns or emotions?

  • Are you craving for a guide that helps you through the alternative health landscape?

  • Do you want to quiet that voice in your head?


My personal search 

It was the end of 2015 when I came back from 8 months traveling. I felt tired and was struggling with life for half a year. 

I couldn't connect with my enthusiasm for life, it seemed to be far away.

It felt as my life was a sequence of (practical)routines and I was only working to live.

AND THEN there was this springday..


I stood up with a bright hunch to do it completely different.

That day I decided that from that moment on I would follow my gutfeeling wherever it would lead me. 

I put my mind offside and was drawn to things that made me enthusiastic again.

I opened myself to life and it guided me towards the things I loved to do.

Since then I feel alive again and happier en healthier than I have ever been.

Is changing your health that easy?​

Often we think too much.​.

It's in the way of surrendering to life.

To make true contact with ourselves and our deepest desires.

The ultimate way to feel the happiest and healthiest we have ever been.

Are you ready for a journey?

Subscribe then for the Free online training: NEW CYCLES!!

''The land, the nature, working with my own hands and learning tons of new things. It felt like a growing experience where I could meet myself and Gerke. He is a very special spirit with great energy, wisdom and the most amazing conversations. Obrigado''
- Daniël -
''Deep bow to this man who makes the world a bit more beautiful through his approach, way of looking at it. If you dare to look, I highly recommend this method of organic coaching. I fly so saturated with the utmost confidence, a big smile in my heart and my face back home.''
- Wendy -
''..What I love the most about all this what has happened: When I reflect on the situation after and I can see how differently I choose to react, a proud feeling starts to arise and thats the moment where I clearly see: I have changed!''
- Nele -
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