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Dis-eases originate in a specific location in the body. See below what the location of your dis-ease stands for and which messages are associated with it.


•    Adipose tissue/body fat
Represents stored energy and potential power
Message: self-acceptance, putting yourself in a straitjacket, listening to yourself
•    Adrenals
Represents balance between physical, mental and emotional level
Message: negative thoughts, expectations and/or emotions
•    Ankle
Represents mobility and giving direction to your own life.
Message: be too compliant, live repressed, take out aggressively
•    Armpit
Represents faith in the primal powers of your nature.
Message: force your nature, push something through
•    Arms
Represent the ability to “embrace” experiences in life
Message: be open to the new
•    Ass
Represents (inner) strength and your fundamental basis that you can 'fall back' on
Message: self-doubt and denial
•    Back
Represents support for yourself and others.
Message: self-esteem, connection with your deepest self
•    Balance organ
Represents being centered and grounded in your body
Message: prioritize, be present within yourself
•    Bladder
Represents the flow of feelings & new ideas
Message: cling to the old, worry about the new
•    Blood
Represents life energy and joy
Message: lack of self-love, too much rationalizing
•    Bones
Represents structure and self-esteem
Message: standing up for yourself, self-confidence, emotional burden, impotence
•    Brain
Represents the computer adjusting to life
Message: take responsibility for your life
•    Breasts
Represents safety and security
Message: fear, don't trust your maternal intuition
•    Ears
Represents the ability to listen to your deepest self
Message: be open to new impressions and emotions, fear for your deepest self
•    Elbow
Represents change of direction and openness to new experiences.
Message: be open to change
•    Esophagus
Represents opening yourself up to transformation
Message: lose yourself in incidentals, hold on, balance in your emotional and thought world
•    Eyes
Represent the ability to see life fully
Message: not wanting to see situations, fear, looking away
•    Face
Represents what we show to the world
Message: sincerity, showing yourself
•    Feet
Represent our understanding of ourselves, of life and of others.
Message: force, get stuck, blame others
•    Fingers
Represent the details of life.
Message: mind and worry (thumb), ego and fear (index finger), anger and sexuality (middle finger), commitment and heartbreak (ring finger), family and hypocrisy (little finger)
•    Gallbladder 
Represents the ability to process
Message: anger, powerlessness, pride
•    Glands
Represent man's "being governed" by his living self-core.
Message: feeling impotent, proud of yourself, creating your own reality
•    Groin
Represents self-liberation
Message: resistance to your way of life, self-esteem, surrender to natural impulses
•    Gums
Represents the ability to stick to decisions made.
Message: slack attitude in life, doubt, being inconsistent
•    Hair
Represents the anchoring of the earthly in the deeper consciousness.
Message: tight structures, stress, imbalance between mental thinking and intuitive feeling, masculine energy
•    Hands
Represents how we grab hold of life and let go.
Message: giving and receiving, gentleness, strength
•    Heart and circulatory system
Represents the center of love and security
Message: closing off life energy, fixed thoughts
•    Hips
Represent the strength and firmness of your being.
Message: making decisions, frustration, standing still / not progressing
•    Immune system
Represents the belief in physical health
Message: self love, taking up your space
•    Intestines
Represents "unloading" your body
Message: make choices, want to hold on to everything
•    Jaw
Represents the distributive power of impression transmission.
Message: living too narrowly, suppressing feelings, control, biting yourself, anger
•    Joints
Represents confidence in yourself
Message: self-confidence, denying the flow of life
•    Kidney and urinary system
Represent the clearing and releasing of feeling experiences
Message: suppression of feelings, self-esteem, connection with yourself and others
•    Knee
Represents the inner perseverance, pride and ego.
Message: hard and inflexible, impotence, going against the current, resistance
•    Lips
Represents softness and sensuality
Message: self-criticism, being on guard all the time, hardening towards the environment, self-confidence
•    Legs
Represent the ability to move forward in life
Message: leave the past behind
•    Liver
Represents the detoxification of your zest for life
Message: holding primitive emotions, compulsive actions, thoughts or feelings
•    Lungs
Represents the capacity to live
Message: open to life, freedom
•    Lymphatic system
Represents anchoring in consciousness
Message: spiritual imbalance
•    Mouth
Represents the incorporation of new ideas and experiences
Message: holding back the new, sincere communication
•    Muscles
Represents the ability to move in life
Message: transformation, trusting your inner self, opening up to what is to come
•    Nails
Represents strength, support and protection.
Message: shielding yourself, fear and insecurity, clawing at others
•    Neck
Represents flexibility and the ability to perceive our surroundings.
Message: move smoothly through life, feel safe in yourself
•    Nose
Represents the instinctive and intuitive
Message: inability to listen to your intuition, self-confidence
•    Ovaries and fallopian tubes
Represents the creative power
Message: fear of your own feelings, suppression of your own nature, balance masculinity & femininity
•    Pancreas
Represents the 'sweet' life/enjoyment.
Message: be hard on yourself
•    Penis
Represents the unity experience of the pure man within himself
Message: masculinity, being in touch with your physical body and your feelings, standing on your own feet, loving care and a sense of responsibility
•    Peripheral Nervous System
Represents communication to our inner self and to others.
Message: opening to, listening to and trusting our inner self, balance between reason/logic and intuition/feeling
•    Prostate
Represents the masculine principles
Message: self-lowering, discharge feelings, body experience
•    Ribs
Represents structure and dignity.
Message: self-esteem, healthy pride, taking up your space
•    Shoulder
Represents the carrying capacity for yourself and others.
Message: let your shoulders hang, don't believe in your own strength, feel unsafe in yourself
•    Skin
Represents the inner worth & sense of individuality
Message: trust yourself, self-esteem, you can be there
•    Spleen
Represents the balance between feeling and mind
Message: obsessions, limiting yourself, self-esteem
•    Stomach
Represents the ability to digest events, ideas, emotions etc.
Message: bottling up, pushing away from feelings
•    Teeth
Represent decisions.
Message: stand up for yourself, stand up for yourself, make choices
•    Tendons
Represents the smoothness with which you find your way in life.
Message: seek authority outside yourself, indulgence
•    Testicle
Represents the creative power
Message: fear of your own feelings, suppression of your own nature, balance masculinity & femininity
•    Thighs
Represent the ability to control your own space and boundaries.
Message: clinging to childhood traumas, intimacy with yourself and others
•    Throat
Represents the pathway through which we express ourselves and process impressions.
Message: articulating and expressing desires, creativity and inner energies.
•    Thyroid
Represents handing over your own worth
Message: inner value, standing up for yourself, speaking up, detachment
•    Toes
Represents being smoothly open to new possible directions in your life.
Message: self-doubt, running away from yourself, feeling too static, intuitive
•    Tongue
Represents giving generously to yourself.
Message: feeling guilty about pleasure, aversion to well-being for yourself, punishing yourself
•    Uterus
Represents feeling at home in your body & creative power
Message: self-esteem & clinging to the past
•    Vagina
Represents the unity experience of the pure woman within herself
Message: reject femininity, embrace creativity and open-mindedness
•    Vocal cords
Represents speaking out from your deepest core
Message: self-suppression, disbelief in yourself, taking up space
•    Wrist
Represents the balance with which we approach life.
Message: living without a backbone, stubbornness, self-confidence, allowing feelings


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