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Gerkeland wins Host Grant 2023!

We are more than happy to announce that your application for WWOOF's HostGrant 2023 caught our board's hearts and your Eco-showers and Compost Toilet Building* was selected to for the Host Grant 2023! Congratulations!

More about the Host Grant 2023 (from the website of WWOOF Portugal)

Promote solidarity between people as well as an ethical economy” is one of the basic aims of WWOOF’s movement around the world.

Every year, since 2011, WWOOF Portugal has been providing financial support to a different host in order to develop an agroecology / sustainability project on their farm.

The idea is to further strengthen organic agriculture and volunteering, by funding projects for various improvements on the farms.

Eco-showers and Compost Toilet Building*

The ecobuilding facilitates solar showers, compost toilets + street and a washing area. The water of the showers will be filtered and re-used to water the subtropical trees like the banana, avocados and mango. Behind the dry toilets there will be made a functional compost street where the poop and the pee will be decomposed in several boxes over the years. Besides that the project includes a pee toilet that will be decomposed in a different place and be brought back in nature.

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