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Are you ready to live
from an open consciousness?

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You are connected to yourself and the greater whole. You listen to your feelings again and are open to life.


You see your health and challenging situations as an invitation to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


You live from an open consciousness and detach yourself from limiting beliefs. You are free again in the moment.​

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Gerke was trained in 2020 as a holistic nutrition coach with Anna Kruyswijk and as a Reiki therapist with Toña Wong Chung at Healingspace in Bussum. It was a logical continuation of the path he had taken many years earlier.


In 2012 he started with the bachelor's degree in Psychology, which he exchanged after six months for the more practical Building Engineering degree. Meanwhile, he immersed himself in meditation and devoured books on spirituality to learn about himself and life.


Gerke was driven to contribute to the new economy and worked at the local energy cooperative 'Grunneger Power' and at solar developer 'Greencrowd'. He followed permaculture design courses at Taco Blom in the Netherlands and Helder Valente in Portugal and worked on strawbale construction projects at home and abroad (including Tom Rijven).


Gerke believes in 'the school of life' and the rhythm of nature. "Everything happens at exactly the right time, even though you may not understand it yet." It is his mission to make holistic health accessible and understandable so that people become enthusiastic about living more consciously.

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