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Eco-logical Building Workshop


After years of learning, experimenting and reflecting im really enthusiastic to start sharing my knowledge about ecological building with you. 

What is Eco-logical Building?

Eco-logical building is a way of building that is in harmony with and follows the logic of nature. It uses as much as possible local materials and resources. It is designed to fit in the surrounding environment and climate to increase the comfort and decrease the need for energy from the outside. Ecological building is building smart but simple. It's mimicking nature to create a place that is durable through functionality. We like to be in these buildings because it feels like a second skin while still connected with nature.

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop we are going to build a roundhouse (4m diameter) at Gerkeland with a structure of wood and walls of clay. On top we will build a reciprocal roof. A roof that can carry itself. This workshop is more than only ecological building, it also involves permaculture and holistic health as it is all part of each other. 

Who can join?

Everybody can join the workshop. Preferably from all walks of life. There is no age limit or skills you need to have. The only thing that is important is that you are open to learn and that you are curious to life.

What will I learn from this week?

The workshop will be 70% practical and 30% theory. You will learn about ecological building, from the foundation until the roof. You will learn how to read the landscape where you want to build, permaculture principles and how to apply, the basics of designing your house(that often go wrong), heating/cooling and ventilation naturally, local building materials and many more. Afterwards you understand how to look when you want to design and build your own house.

  • reading a landscape, the environment, the climate;

  • how to design the interior of your house

  • How to choose your building materials

  • Foundation, clay walls, roofing

  • heating, cooling, ventilation

  • the power of community building

  • building with clay in a wattle/daub system

  • basics of a reciprocal roof

  • basics of (earth) floors


700 euros (including 23% VAT)

Inclusive & Exclusive

Including: Food and accommodation in a small tent

Including: Pick up and bring to Santiago do Cacém

Excluding flight to Portugal;


  • Unique building experience that can be life-changing;

  • Empower yourself to understand how to build your own house;

  • Recharge seven days in nature and an enriching environment;

  • You allow yourself to be carried in Gerkeland's flow;

  • You are fed with healthy food, deep conversations, nice encounters, the vibe of nature, the breeze on the beach, inspiring examples and other views on life and much more.

  • Are you already excited?






You can save your spot by transferring the full amount or a deposit of 200 euros. The rest of the money you can transfer before the start of the course.


  In case that the workshop cannot go through, which is unlikely, you will get your full money back.

The deposit of 200 euros is non-refundable if you choose to cancel.

''The land, the nature, working with my own hands and learning tons of new things. It felt like a growing experience where I could meet myself and Gerke. He is a very special spirit with great energy, wisdom and the most amazing conversations. Obrigado''
- Daniël -
''Deep bow to this man who makes the world a bit more beautiful through his approach, way of looking at it. If you dare to look, I highly recommend this method of organic coaching. I fly so saturated with the utmost confidence, a big smile in my heart and my face back home.''
- Wendy -
''..What I love the most about all this what has happened: When I reflect on the situation after and I can see how differently I choose to react, a proud feeling starts to arise and thats the moment where I clearly see: I have changed!''
- Nele -
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