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7x Gerkeland vs. Classic Therapy

1. Equivalence

I teach you to rely on yourself and how you can stand on your own two feet again as soon as possible. From person to person. You are not a client or patient to me. You are just who you are and I will help you by sharing experiences and knowledge from my own life based on equality.

2. Holistic

The whole picture is important to get a good picture of you and to be able to see how complaints, patterns or emotions have arisen and are connected. I don't work from one particular technique or angle, but keep it open to see what works best for you.

3. Root

Symptoms to me are just signals. They point to the deeper cause of suffering. My coaching consists of finding the root of the problem and then bringing in a new awareness. When you heal the root, the symptoms disappear.

4. Collaboration

If you or I have the idea that you need a session (eg reincarnation therapy, family constellation, etc.) elsewhere, I wholeheartedly recommend that. We can then incorporate the knowledge you gain there into our holistic puzzle. I'm here for you.

5. Magic

I have a basic program of six weeks and I am aware that every session can be a total game changer. Some new insights can change your whole life. This cannot be planned, it can only arise when we are open to it. Sometimes the quarter falls quickly, sometimes all the quarters fall at once.

6. Practical and everyday

My goal is to give you handles so that you know every day which buttons you can turn to change situations. You are the safe container yourself. I give you practical exercises and tips on how to get a better relationship with yourself that you can immediately apply in your daily life. If you have questions between sessions, I can be reached via the app.

7. Nature setting

If you need to take a break, I invite you to visit my land in Portugal. You are immersed in nature and our conversations take place at the kitchen table in my mud house, among the cork oaks or during a walk on the beach.

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