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Personal insight: abundance & money

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Yesterday I completed an online program about money. A theme with a lot of emotion and tension. Likewise for me.

My parents taught me to be frugal with money. But I didn't feel that: money had to flow. As a teenager I always had a part-time job and worked a lot. I bought what I wanted. It felt empty. It didn't bring me what I wanted.

As a student, with the help of my parents, I had to pull the strings together. It became a normal pattern. And that was further reinforced when I started working for a citizen movement and my interest in the climate. I identified myself with a certain image in which money was not important.

Last year I had a special vision in which I was allowed to let go of my survival mode because I was finally where I wanted to be. Since then I feel more and more free. And the theme of "abundance" knocked on the door. It felt natural to embrace the flow of life and open my arms.

A lot has changed since then by being open to "receiving". By no longer holding back what is waiting for you. By accepting the flow of life. To play with this energy.

Money remained a theme because I couldn't imagine how to integrate it into my life. In my head money was linked to a certain lifestyle and character traits. Now I can see that it is just a limiting belief that I carried with me. Inviting copious amounts of money is a form of self-love.

And with the right intention, money is a wonderful instrument to help you carry out your purpose in the best possible way. And in the meantime enjoy. Money is definitely not a goal. It is a fruit of your passion with which you can achieve what you have in mind. Which gives you the opportunity to make even more conscious choices based on love.

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